Teddy's Juke Joint


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Shouts out to everyone who came out to make the nite such a fun night at Teddy's Juke Joint! Special Thanks out to Bob & Carol Ann! Thank you Patrick and company for stopping by after hangin out with Snoop! Shouts out to Bill Bryan thanks for stopping by! Vince Hutchison and Lil Vince came and jam with us and they was oooon! Shouts out to Miguel who was playin a whole lotta bass and the band was smokin! SunDanze was sounding so good without your pedal lol! Big thank you from Teddy, Nancy, Chris, SunDanze, Lynn and myself and we hope to see you again soon!

Some Peru videos for you all. Thank you to Dan Aguilar and all the great musicians I had the opportunity to play with. Big shoutout to EPLI and the beautiful country of Peru!

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New Years Eve

Sam Joyner band @ teddy's juke joint

2020 COMING SOON! Sam Joyner in tha hause!
Teddy's Juke Joint New Year's Eve Party Tuesday Dec. 31st 8pm until!!! Rallying all my family, friends, and fans! It's gon be good! C u There!

Festival de Blues, Peru 2019

Special thanks to Dan Aguilar for inviting me to the beautiful city of Peru! I would also like to thank EPLI S.A.C. for hosting this event. Ready to play some blues down in Peru!!

Sam Joyner in Peru!

12/16 - 12/20

I've successfully made it to the beautiful country of Peru! I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to experience the country and people, and play some music. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow.  

Hasta mañana!

-Sam Joyner

Teddy's Juke Joint Xmas Party!

When u Need a Friend available for Digital Download and CD now!

CD Release !

Gospel Brunch at The Biscuit Company of Vicksburg

Beale Street Music Festival - Memphis in May International Festival