NTune Band feat. Neba "Supa Dupa Love" Shot at Club Instant Replay June 2010...
NTune Band performs there every other Sunday...3655 O'neal Ln, Baton Rouge, LA
8.14 MB
Jammin with my Son, Daughters, and friend... Aisha, and Zalika Joyner Vocals... Sam Joyner Guitar.... Sam Joyner Keyboards... Mike Sieppel on Drums... 6.55 MB
Jammin @ Phil Brady's Blues Jam This was shot June 17, 2010 with John Rosetti and Bryan Romano on Guitars, Joe Monk on Drums... Bryan also plays Sax equally as well... 4.41 MB
Rocky Denney Band Live feat. Sam Joyner "Stagge Lee" This was shot July 2010 @ the Mandeville Seafood Fest... 9.76 MB
Rocky Denney Band Live "Redhouse" July 2010 Mandeville Seafood Festival... 12.4 MB
Rocky Denney Band..."Daddy's Home" We performed for a group of WWII Vets...June 19, 2010...Hammond, LA 9.54 MB
Vidds from Japan..."Ellie My Love" This was shot in 1989 during my first tour in Japan... 3.85 MB
1989 Japan...W/one of the top Drummers of Japan "Take 5" Back then I was also playin piano in addition to keyboards...My home base was on the nearby island of Saipan but altogether I spent about 5 years in Japan and my last tour was 1995... 5.4 MB
1989 Piano/Vocals back in Japan... "When a Man loves a Woman" These vidds are old but I get to glimpse back into my history... 5.19 MB
2001 Island Festival "Is this Love" This was back in 2001 on the Islands... I was performing Blues, Reggae, Soul, Jazz... 4.88 MB
2001 Island Festival "Jammin" Back on the islands with the Sam Joyner Band... 5.23 MB
2001 Island Festival "Midnite Hour" Pete Pedersen on Drums, Manny Domingo on Guitar... We performed together for about 10 years... 4.99 MB
2001 Island Festival "No Woman No Cry" "Sam Joyner Band" out on the islands... 12.1 MB
1989 back in Japan... "Kansas City Blues" I was playin at club about 45 minutes north of Tokyo... 3.48 MB
Sam Joyner (solo) Jammin with Rocky... I am doing a solo gig performing left hand bass and using a drum machine...Rocky is jammin with me on vocals.... 33.2 MB
Jammin with Rougon Band "Dock of the Bay" I was Jammin down in Louisiana with Rougon Band Summer 2010... 62.9 MB
"What I Say" Sam Joyner Live @ Blues Bayou This was shot at the Blues Bayou Restaurant and Blues Club in Helena, Arkansas on November 20, 2010... 57.7 MB
Sam Joyner Live @ Blues Bayou (Everyday I have the Blues) Sam Joyner Keyboards/Vocals feat. Sterling Silver/Lead Guitar, Mike Taylor/Bass, Quicksand/Drums 5.38 MB
Larry Garner w/Sam Joyner Live @ Blues Bayou This was shot November 2010 at the Blues Bayou Restaurant in Helena, Arkansas... 42.3 MB
Unchain my Heart Live in Natchez, MS Live 12/24/2010 Natchez, MS 46.2 MB